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As the first rays of sunlight are passing through the leaves, unveiling the tranquility of a wonderful morning, we find ourselves in this magnificent city of San Francisco, following the steps of a young writer on his first project. The sun is rising, the wind is blowing and our character is to be found in the Golden Gate Park. Nicely dressed, with a dossier full of documents under his arm, with his head full of thoughts, he is walking towards his childhood hero’s home.Constantly arranging his tie, you can read on his face that he is nervous. He rings the doorbell and waits for a while.

A beautiful blond miss opens the door,she had bewitching blue eyes that reminded him of the sea, she asks him whom he is he looking for. He put his emotions aside and requests to see his hero. The lovely miss leads him through a long hallway full of family pictures, medals and artifacts to an amazing garden. There he finds an old man in his 80’ playing with his grandson. With emotions through the roof our writer starts to walk towards his hero.

- Good Morning Sir, my name is Thomas Hemingway. I wrote to you about the book I am going to write, your biography.

-Well,a good morning to you too. Please, don’t Sir me,just call me John. Let me just take my grandson inside and we will talkat the back of the garden, near the fountain.

Our writer is strolling towards the back of thegarden,passing by a beautiful pond with lilies of all colors, when suddenly, between the trees, spots a beautifulfountain that resembles the Enterprise.

-So you found my little corner of Eden.

-Yes, it’s very beautiful, heavenly.

-Sit down, let’s talk. I accepted your proposal to write a biography of my life, the events that I have lived, because you were sincere in your letter. I don’t like all these top writes.

-I thank you, and as I told you in my letter this is my first work...

-Well this is why I accepted you as the one to write my biography. These experienced writers, they all tell stories not facts.

-And you would likeyour biography to be written by a person that would present the facts as they are.

-Yes, I don’t want to become a thing of worship.

-So, where do we start?

-Well certainly not with “Once upon a time ...”

-Certainly not. He leaned forward and put his hands together.You are regarded as one of the best captains ever to command a starship. I am here to know what you think, what is your opinion on your life.The events that took place, if you regret something of what you did.

- Well there are so many thing I don’t know where to begin.

-Let’s start with the beginning, your childhood. What do you thing triggered your fascination towards Starfleet?

-It all started when I was...

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